Providing vital information technology training to facilitate employment opportunities and life skills to the community of North Central and surrounding areas in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Game Development

Ethical Hacking


Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Web Development

Mobile Development

Graphic Design

3D Modeling

3D printing

Network Engineering

Security Development

Arduino Development

Certification Programs

Cloud Computing with AWS

Game Development with Unity

Network Engineering with Cisco

Programming C/C++ with Oracle

Security Training with (ISC)

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Drop In 3:30 to 6:30 Monday to Thursday2911 5th Avenue Regina

To cultivate the untapped potential of North Central Regina.

We plan to do this with a dojo; a place where the culture of learning and community brings like minded nerds together to develop their skills, accomplish goals, and inspire each other toward greatness.

To that end we have industry professionals from the tech sector at the dojo ready to work with the youth and young adults of Regina to mentor and train a new generation of tech savvy individuals who will be steeped in the community mindset and ready to take on life's challenges.

The community will be lifted as a whole.

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